Improwow is a global initiative that wants to improve the Improv scene from a gender perspective for a more diverse, inclusive and fair Improv community.

We observed, that even if it’s 2017, even if we claim to be, as improvers, very open minded, aware and fair people, there are still too many bad stories about harassment, too less participation of women in leadership roles, too much gender stereotypes in our stories, too many taboos and unfair representation of genders.

We started in the Pandora Improv Festival in Italy with a focus group conversation with men and women about the issue, we discussed, collected first data and we started giving them some insights and homeworks to do until the next festival. We got a lot of interest and attention so we decided to go further and dig deeper.

We are a team of 5 Italian women of different generations and specializations doing Improv, teaching Improv, using Improv in many different ways. Martina Pavone is the Coordinator of the project as a Pandora Festival’s board member, Elena Lah (also the graphic designer of the project), Mari Rinaldi, Lara Mottola and Annalisa Arione.

With the launch of this Manifesto we want to start raising awareness about the issue, and we want to introduce ourselves to the Improv community in order to expand the work we are doing in Italy also in Europe and wherever else it can be useful. We observed that in USA especially, there are many schools that have already their code of conduct or some special programs, but it’s not enough, so the more we will collaborate about it, the bigger impact will have.

The goal now is collecting collaborators for the first year of the Full Kit's pilot version. The kit will include the manifesto, the policy model, a scholarship model, an anonymous form, points of discussion for focus groups, a campaign, a conference, feedback sessions facilitation model, program for a training for trainers, and a program for impro-women's empowerment on the stage, off the stage, around the stage and in the management, educational and leadership positions. For few months we will work with these collaborators, collecting data and implementing all our tools in order to have the perfect kit available for every culture in maximum one year. We also believe that improvisers are the perfect target group to start a little revolution of the society about the issue and becoming real change-agents in an applied improv perspective.
Yes Improv can change the world. Let’s start working on it!