ImproW is the first training step to become an ImproWoW school/company!

As an introduction program, the goal is to plant all the seeds we may need in order to implement all the Inclusion tools according to your needs and your culture, but at the same time respecting the values and the aims of ImproWoW’s identity.

The workshop is organized in two different sections. The first is more of a discovery, designing, mapping, discussing session facilitated in order to create the commune culture from a gender, diversity and inclusion perspective. In the second part we will discover how to use the instruments we discussed directly inside of our scenes.

We will touch topics like boundaries and stereotypes, discovering what makes us uncomfortable, how to use our empathy improv tools to be always respectful and don’t cut any voice out. We will design the specific Inclusion map for that group, in that society, in that culture, in order to respect everyone’s sensibility and personal space, because everybody deserves to feel comfortable at the same level on stage, off of it and around it.

Ideally the workshop lenght will be 6 hours, different formats can be discussed with the trainer. The workshop needs a room with chairs, a board, coloured post it and markers.

It will be very good if the school is also available to collaborate on the data collection part of the project and eventually some observation in order to tailor as its best the materials offered for your specific situation. The trainer is also available for some one-one coaching session for students who may request it.