ImproWOW is committed to:

  • Raising awareness of the importance of inclusion of women in improvisation;
  • Sharing practical tools with schools and groups to implement in their teaching and in their culture, policies, and strategies;
  • Empowering and supporting women to continue with their Improv experience, becoming a professional performer, teacher, as well as going around the world on tour as improvisers and then becoming leaders of their Improv community;
  • Creating an Improv Community culture based on inclusion, respect, and equity, regardless of gender identity;
  • Supporting Improv trainers in order to change the role of women in scenes, free from cheap sexism, stereotypes, and clichés.

IMPROWOW values:
Despite the current challenging socio-political climate, our project aims to provide hope and energy, by offering more people the opportunity to be involved in a project of positivity. Central to the movement of inclusion and diversity we start by asking ourselves what specific things we can do to ensure our companies and classes provide equal opportunities.
Everybody deserves to feel safe, part of that process is first ensuring that people are socially aware and respect diversity. As improvisers we have the privilege to tell stories on stage, we are able to decide what kind of stories make the cut and what is left behind. We can use our platform to contribute to the social awareness of the community by demonstrating a diverse set of stories.
Of course we are aware that this is a complex socio-political issue but we want do our part and together contribute to positive change.
“Yes and..” Improv is a tool that forces us to become better listeners, our work is based on acceptance and we enjoy making our partners look good. We use this model as a basis for positive change. This tool makes us the perfect candidates to make a difference in society. We can act as an example and create a chain effect to foster inclusion and diversity within society, all starting from a place of listening and supporting others.
In order to continue creating a positive impact, we need to make a deliberate and intentional push to become more diverse and inclusive in all areas of our program.
Our program strives to ensure the inclusion of traditionally marginalized voices to our stage and to create and foster classroom settings in authentic and sustainable ways. We are working to deconstruct barriers of entry to the improvised comedy world in a variety of ways.
We believe that a diverse community of performers is essential to artistic and meaningful storytelling. We hope to cultivate a diverse community of improvisers and bring new voices, opinions, and experiences to enrich our community and our stage. We are seeking to increase our diversity of race, ethnicity, age, individuals with disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identification as well as economic diversity.
We strive to open minds, expand opportunities, encourage new voices, and build better stories.
We have zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination in all forms. We don’t tolerate the abuse of power. All improvisers have the right to feel safe, respected, valued, and heard.
We want to avoid stereotypes and gender roles that confine or restrict improvisers. Instead we want to explore freely on the stage, when we are doing status and characters on the stage, we should do it independently from the gender or the status of the player. Also we want to encourage more women and more diverse people to be part of the management of Improv Schools, to become teachers, professional performers and go around on tour in order to give difference voices, enrich the potential for everybody on the stage and off the stage.